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R & B: A Platformer DEMO

You play as Red. A (yes, you probably guessed the next part right) red ball, who lives a very happy life.


Red doesn't like Blue. In fact he wants to eradicate Blue from the rest of the world. Will you help him?

Well, you don't have a choice either way. 😕

Install instructions

 - Click the download button

- Wait for the zip file to download

- Open your downloads folder (or wherever the zip file downloaded) and extract the zip file (should be called R & B (WIN).zip)

-  The game file is called R & B.exe


This is a demo version. The full game is not yet finished, so some features like the save game feature will not work, and a lot of the UI assets are placeholders. 

The demo will be updated to a longer 'trial' version soon, so stay tuned. MAC and Linux builds will be out soon too. 

Music courtesy of HeatleyBros - "8 Bit Win!": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX1xq4Ud2z8&list=PLobY7vO0pgVKn4FRDgwXk5FUSiGS8_jA8


R & B (WIN).zip 23 MB

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